Sunday, August 21, 2016

Listening to Trumpet Hour (August 19, 2016)

PCG continues to deliver their message of dire news once again in the August 19, 2016 broadcast of PCG's recruitment radio broadcast, The Trumpet Hour. It is hosted by Joel Hilliker.

Here Richard Palmer talked about the US government handing over control over certain aspects of the Internet to an international organization. PCG so often seems fearful of any other nation managing to get ahead.

The child in the ambulance in Aleppo, Syria is mentioned briefly but their main concern about Syria concerns Russia now using Iran as a launching pad for their airstrikes in support of the Assad regime. PCG constantly scare mongers about Iran because of Gerald Flurry's proclamation in 1994 that Iran would become the "King of the South." It is also stated China will now start helping the Assad regime.

Jeremiah Jacques also talked about China reclaiming land from the wetlands in order to build more industrial areas.

Richard Palmer also talked about Germany resuming arms shipments to the Kurdish peshmerga in Iraq. PCG constantly scare mongers about Germany. PCG teaches that Germany is fated to soon conquer the United States, an absurd and false prediction.

It is mentioned that a think tank has warned that US nuclear weapons in Turkey may not be safe. It is mentioned that during the recent failed coup US military personnel were forbidden from sending any flights during the crisis.

The shooting of an African American by a police officer in Milwaukee is mentioned. It is mentioned that the police officer under discussion happens to be African Americans and yet those discussing it on this program act as though they are surprised and dumbfounded that African Americans should complain about it while a few sadly choosing to riot over it. The thought that a human being had been violently killed and that people would get angry over that seems to escape the comprehension of PCG's leaders discussing these things. The riots that occurred are mentioned. Andrew Müller calls the riot a "race riot." While it is perfectly proper to condemn rioting it should be noted that PCG's 1% has a long history of scare mongering that African Americans will in the near future launch a wave of riots against the white majority in PCG's false prophecy of "race war." Consequently any difficulty in race relations tends to be portrayed in a most alarmist manner by PCG's 1%.
At one point Müller cites a spokesman of the New Black Panther Party talking about why the situation was still so severe even though an African American police officer killed the man in question. PCG's 1% would be better informed by not paying attention to a group known to have rather inflammatory views and instead listen to the majority of those who protest against violence. But what can one expect from a McCarthyite? like Müller. He also talked about a feminist who condemned marriage in the discussion.

And so PCG's 1% has made yet another radio broadcast trying to convince people that the leaders of this organization have some special insight into the future even though 52 false prophecies by PCG proves otherwise.

Listening to PCG's Trumpet Radio Live (August 19, 2016)

In the August 19, 2016 broadcast of PCG's radio program, Trumpet Radio Live, the hosts talked about the changing media landscape.

They also discussed recent hacks against the Open Society Institute, an organization connected with George Soros. Citing an article from Investor's Business Daily it is insisted that the mainstream media are ignoring these hacked emails. The hosts denounce this as a "media blackout." It should be noted that for about a decade if not longer certain sections of the political right have tended to often vilify George Soros. The mere allegation that George Soros had funded some person or organization is used by some rightists to discredit the person or organization in question.

It is mentioned that Seattle is offering a class on "white fragility" in discussing how to talk about and handle the discussion of racism and racial issues. The hosts are clearly unimpressed. But considering PCG's false prophecy of "race war" it is clear that PCG's 1% are quite ill suited to judge on this issue. But they end up mentioning that one of them had recently visited Seattle. He said that people there are entertaining and quite willing to share their views.

They also talk about coddled children.

PCG Propagates Fears of a Militarized Japan

PCG has a long and shameful history of demonizing Japan. This tendency of theirs continues in the August 6, 2016 issue of PCG's Trumpet Weekly.
Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has dominated its nation’s politicians since 1955 [sic], only giving up leadership two times in the past 61 years. Its name may seem an enigma to some international viewers, given it sits in the center-right camp and appeals greatest to Japan’s older generation. Nevertheless, it has been highly competent in rebuilding a pacifist Japan from destruction in World War II.

Well, pacifist for now. (p. 8.)
Even though Japan has been a close ally of the United States since 1945 and despite the painful memories of what happened up till 1945 PCG has consistently scare mongered that Japan is destined to remilitarize itself. PCG insinuates that Japan will ally with Russia and China and become a threat to the United States. The many years of Japan's alliance with the United States since 1945 are ignored and overlooked.

PCG often scare mongers about China and North Korea. But many others are also concerned about China and there is a lot of concern about North Korea. Consequently PCG's talk of those governments are not that unusual. But PCG's hostility towards a long standing ally of the United States reveals the lack of goodwill that PCG's 1% have towards people they regard as not being Israelite based on the discredited dogma of British Israelism.

More information regarding HWA's WCG and PCG's demonization of Japan may be seen in the following posts:

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Friday, August 19, 2016

PCG Moaning About Independent Women

In the real world men are privileged compared to women. Men get paid more. Men get promoted while women tend to be left behind. Women tend to be subject to violence by men far more than women against men as the following sobering fact reveals.
In 2013, more than 1,600 women in the United States were murdered by men. Of those women, 94% knew their murderer. The most common murder weapon was a gun—and women are most at risk when they leave their abusers (and begin to regain their power). (Alternet, August 12, 2016.)
But despite such things PCG's 1% seems content in trying to convince their male readers that independent and empowered women are some kind of threat to their manhood as may be seen in the cover for the March 2013 issue of their recruitment magazine. It accompanies an article by Joel Hilliker.

This cover is designed to make male readers feel "victimized" by empowered women. The independent women is portrayed as a threat to the man. This is a terrible message to men.

Rather empowered women are vitally necessary and women deserve to be treated and respected as equals. Empowerment for women is something that needs to be embraced and celebrated. It is wrong for the empowerment of women to be portrayed as some kind of emasculating threat to men.

Women deserve to be treated and respected as equals. It is honorable for men to give women the respect they deserve as equals instead of leaving them in some kind of subordinate position.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PCG Minimizing the Violence of Apartheid (2013)

After the death of Nelson Mandela, the man who did so much to bring to an end the racist system of Apartheid which had kept the black majority trodden underfoot, PCG made an article discussing those who try to imitate the boycott against Apartheid South Africa by calling for a boycott of the State of Israel. (Callum Wood, Sanctioning Israel: the Next South Africa?, December 17, 2013.)

Here is what this article has to say about Apartheid forcing the black majority to be lorded over by a numerically small white minority.
Apartheid officially became law in South Africa in 1948. Unrest flared up in the 1950s, but the idea of sanctions hadn’t started to take hold. In 1962, the UN called on members to “separately or collectively” break diplomatic relations with South Africa and begin trade embargoes. Multiple trade and arms embargoes ensued, including Resolution 181, which saw—with U.S. approval—the cessation of arms shipments to South Africa from Europe. This law became mandatory in 1977, largely as a result of the heavy-handed crackdown on protesters by police.
Wood writes of "the heavy-handed crackdown on protesters by police" within Apartheid South Africa. What a sanitized way Wood describes the deadly repression Apartheid caused.

Astonishingly Wood makes makes no mention in this article of how about 176 people were killed in 1976 during the Soweto uprising by the Apartheid regime's attempts to repress protests in Soweto by people who yearned to free from Apartheid. Somehow such frightful bloodshed is casually ignored in this article.

Also what about the widespread racial discrimination that the black majority were forced to endure? While so much of the world moved away from racial discrimination Apartheid South Africa insisted on imposing various racist measures against the black majority. Such racial discrimination was reason enough to sanction the Apartheid regime even if the mass killing in Soweto in 1976 had never occurred.

It is shocking that Wood and the editors of PCG should dare to ignore the racist oppression that the black majority in South Africa were forced to endure for so long. No mention is made in this article of the deadly violence that the Apartheid regime unleashed against the black majority to impose white supremacy.

If PCG's leaders should treat the violence of Apartheid in South Africa in such a way it should be no surprise that PCG's leaders today choose to harden their hearts at the African American protesters who protest alongside allies from the white majority against police violence and who yearn to live without fear of violence at the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

If PCG's leaders can minimize the killing of 176 people in the Soweto uprising of 1976 as merely a "heavy-handed crackdown on protesters by police" then PCG's leaders will choose to harden their hearts at the current problem of African Americans enduring police brutality.

It is shameful that PCG's leaders should dare to minimize the horrors of such a racist system as Apartheid in this article. It is a terrible wrong against those who were victimized by that racist regime for so many years.

More on PCG's sympathy for Apartheid South Africa may be seen in this previous post.

Israeli Blockade of Gaza Tightened in July

The Israeli blockade of Gaza was more strict in July according to recent figures.
New data released by a United Nations agency and an Israeli NGO has confirmed that Israel’s blockade on the Gaza Strip actually tightened during July.
UN OCHA’s monthly update for July reports that the number of crossings at Erez was 15 per cent below the 2016 monthly average, and just 30 per cent of the monthly average in 2004. ...
Meanwhile, at the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing, a total of just 157 truckloads of goods exited for sale outside of the Gaza Strip, down on the average for the first half of 2016 – and just 20 per cent of the equivalent figure in 2005. (Israeli blockade on Gaza tightened in July, new figures show, Middle East Monitor, August 16, 2016.)
May peace soon come to the Holy Land.

Netanyahu Says He Cares More for Palestinians Than Their Own Leaders

So Netanyahu stated that he cared more for Palestinians more than Palestinian leaders.

(Hat tip: Christians United For Israel.)

If this is so then why don't the Palestinians vote for his party?

The Palestinian citizens of Israel vote for parties that caters to them. Also there is an unwritten convention that the parties catering for Israeli Jews do not join up with the parties of the Palestinian citizens of Israel in negotiations to form a government. This excludes the parties voted by the Palestinian citizens of Israel from the possibility of participating in an elected government. This unwritten rule was only broken once during the last premiership of Rabin. So the Palestinian citizens of Israel rarely vote for Netanyahu's party.

The Palestinians of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are not allowed to vote in Israeli elections. When the State of Israel gained those territories in the 1967 Six Day War they were not annexed by the State of Israel thus leaving those Palestinians in a legal limbo. Although they were ruled by the State of Israel through COGAT they were excluded from participating in or voting in Israeli elections. And at the same time the Israeli government built settlements for Israeli Jews in the territories but these Jewish citizens of Israel are allowed to participate in and vote in Israeli elections. So the Palestinians in the territories have no ability to vote for Netanyahu's party even if they wanted to while nearby the settlers are allowed to vote anyway.

The Palestinians who had been cast out of what became the State of Israel during the Israeli War of Independence are also unable to vote for Netanyahu's party even if they wanted to. From the moment of their expulsion they insisted on returning to their homes in the 1949-67 borders of the State of Israel but the Israeli government refused to let them return to this day. In other words they are restricted from participating in or voting in Israeli elections.

If Netanyahu cares for Palestinians more than their own leaders maybe he should let those Palestinians he says he cares for more than the Palestinians' own leaders to freely vote in Israeli elections.